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About König

  • Wide assortment of 1000+ products
  • Security & Smart Home products matching the latest trends
  • Guaranteed quality, service & reliability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Focus on making your life easier

König stands for quality and competitive priced consumer electronics which make your life easier and more comfortable. We offer a fitting solution to all your electronic needs varying from A/V accessories and cables to multimedia products, all with a focus on making your life easier. Come home in a world of König, and enjoy the quality solutions we have to offer.

Listen to your favourite music, watch a TV program or movie, get the most out of your game console at home and communicate easier with friends, family and colleagues wherever you are. Find information faster, control your PC with ease and secure your properties with one of the König security systems. Next to that König helps you to capture your most valuable moments and to keep a close eye on your health. Do you aspire a DJ-ing or artistic career? König helps you to fulfill this dream with spectacular products for both advanced as beginning DJs, bands or singers.

That´s our focus: Enhance your world by offering you quality and fresh technology against a very competitive price setting.

König, Your World, Our Technology

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