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PC Power Supply ATX 450 W Silent Fan 12 cm

This 450 watt computer supply is equipped with a silent 12 cm fan. Its noise level is less than 24 dB (30 dB is comparable to a quiet bedroom in a city).
This 450 watt computer supply is perfectly compatible with AMD and Pentium systems and is suitable for almost every PC. The power supply has both a CE approval and a passive PFC. It is equipped with a 24/20 pin main board power connection. Also included are two S-ATA power connectors and a 6 pin PCI-Express connection.

PAY ATTENTION: Feeding only works if connected to the motherboard or PSU tester, which is the standard security procedure.

Length 140
Power 450 W
Case ATX
No. of motherboard power connectors 24/20-pin
No. of floppy drive power connectors 1
Height 86
No. of peripheral (molex) power connectors (4 4
No. of ATX 12V power connectors 1
No. of PCI-express power connectors (6+2 pin) 1
Width 145
No. of SATA connections 2
Fan type Silent Fan 12 cm

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