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S-ATA PCI controller

PCI controller card with two internal and one external high speed interface which supports a data transmission of 1.5 Gb/s. The controller is equipped with a 40pin Ultra ATA133 connection to support 2 IDE devices. The external connection enables you to easily connect a mobile S-ATA device like an external HDD. The external connection is shared with one of the internal connections, allowing you to connect max. 2 devices simultaneously.

Connection output 1x SATA
Connector type Parallel
Operating system Windows 10
Profile Normal
Card type PCI
Product datasheet

Where can I download the latest driver?

You can download the latest driver on the following link: DRIVER_CMP-SATAPCI11.ZIP.

What is the function of the jumpers on the PCI card?

The jumpers on the PCI card are switches that are used to adjust hardware. When jumper pins 1 and 2 are closed, ports CN1 and CN2 are working. When jumper pins 2 and 3 are closed, ports CN2 and CN3 are working.

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