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Video Grabber USB 2.0

Convert analogue movies to digital formats on your PC with this USB 2.0 video grabber. It is compatible with all AV and S-Video devices, such as video recorders and camcorders; the required software (Arcsoft Showbiz) is included.

Recording Resolutions:
720X480 @30FPS = NTSC
720X576@25FPS = PAL

Usage PC
Connection input 1x SCART
Source VCR
Colour Black
Material Plastic / Metal
Operating system Windows 10
Package contents
• USB 2.0 Audio/Video grabber
• USB cable
• S-Video / Composite A/V cable
• Installation / Manual CD
• Quick Installation Guide
Product datasheet

Why can't I see the video in the software?

You will need to adjust the video standard.
You can find this option in the properties menu.
Capture > device settings
Change the video standard and press apply. See if it works.
Try different standards if you do not get any picture.

In Europe PAL_B, NTSC and SECAM are the most popular standards.

Where can I find the license key for the Arcsoft software?

The licence key can be found on the original cd-sleeve. There is a sticker with the code on it. You can choose any name and company to fill in. Make sure you keep this code in a safe place. It is not possible to get a replacement code and the software can't be installed without it.

I have install the grabber at the laptop and it is not working?

Please switch your webcam off.

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