Audio/phono USB adapter

Artl. code: KN-TTUSB100

Easily connect your turntable, cassette deck or any other analogue audio source to your computer to convert your old records to MP3 or WAV. Finally you can listen to those old records on your MP3 player of computer. The adapter incorporates a RIAA amplifier and has both line in as phono connections. The USB audio adapter can also be used as a soundcard with a line out connection.

• Amplifier: RIAA pre-amplifier circuit
• MM/MC Switch for different phonograph cartr
• USB bus powered
• Plug & play operation with Windows®/Mac® OS
• Sampling rate: 8 KHz/11.025 KHz/16 KHz/22.05 KHz/24 KHz/32 KHz/44,1 KHz/48 KHz
• Compatible with: Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac® OS 2.1/10.2/10.4
Sort Converter
Type Audio
Inputs 2x RCA Female Audio
Outputs 1x USB 5pin Fem Mini + 1x Jack Stereo 3.5mm Fem
Colour Silver
Housing Plastic
Enclosed Parts Cables
Control Automatic

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