Portable amplifier & splitter

Artl. code: CMP-SOUNDAMP10

Pump up the volume and bass with this portable sound amplifier! Use it with your MP3 player, phone, tablet, PC and other devices. Thanks to the dual output, you can listen together with a friend. The rechargeable battery works about 12 hours. If it is connected to your MP3 player, the MP3 player uses less battery power.

• Output:50 mW (32 ohm loading)
• Headphones output impedance:16 ~ 150 Ohm
• Noise ratio:100 dB (distortion: <0.03%, 10 mW)
• Frequency response:10 Hz – 100 kHz
• Built-in battery:120 mAh lithium-polymer
• Charging time:± 2 Hours
• Weight:15.5 g/0.54 oz.
• Dimensions:38 x 38 x 12.4 mm
Material Plastic

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