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Weather Station Indoor and Outdoor Black/Silver

Weather station to display the latest weather information. The weather station works with a remote sensor and transmitter and displays both the indoor and outdoor temperature. Moreover, it is equipped with a hygrometer, which measures the humidity in a room. The weather station also features a calendar and a clock with alarm and snooze function and is therefore very convenient both at home and in the office.

Usage Weather Forecast
Type Indoor and Outdoor
Power source Battery
Feature Hygrometer
Colour Black/Silver
Material Plastic
Main unit size 164 x 80 x 62
Operating temperature -20-60
No. of batteries 3x AAA; 2x AAA
Humidity 20-90
Battery type 3x AAA; 2x AAA
Sensor size 60 x 95 x 25
Package contents
1x weather station
1x outdoor sensor and transmitter
Product datasheet

How do I turn off the alarm?

Press the SET button unitl the alarm icon disappears.

The outdoor sensor does not connect to the main unit.

We recommend you place the two units next to each other. Remove all power/batteries Wait 2 minutes. Insert the batteries/power and wait for them to connect. Once connected, move the sensor to it's intended location. If it loses connection again, repeat the process but move the main unit closer to the location of the outdoor sensor.

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