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Smoke Detector VdS

Install a smoke detector in your home or office and prevent fire damage or worse. This VdS-approved smoke detector features an alarm which even wakes you up from your deepest sleep. In addition, it is very low-maintenance as the built-in battery is non-serviceable and has an estimated 10-year lifetime.

Detector type Smoke
Type Stand-Alone
Colour White
EN-compliant VdS
Sensor life cycle 10
Batteries included 1x CR123A
Battery type 1x CR123A
Input Voltage 3
Operating Temperature -10 - 40
Sound 85
Package contents
Smoke Detector
Product datasheet

How do I activate the detector?

Press and hold the middle button untill the red light flashes. You will hear a small beep to indictate that it's activated.

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