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Wireless Alarm Set - 433 Mhz / 90 dB

This single König window and door alarm with integrated siren/chime and control buttons features everything to start building your very own interconnected alarm system.
Expand the alarm with up to 40 accessories covering 4 zones and add remote controls to easily switch the system on and off. Each zone can be programmed to either sound a siren or a chime. Siren or chime can also be linked to the alarm state. In addition, the window and door alarm also includes the option to programme a delay of up to 30 seconds.
If a sensor is triggered, the window and door alarm sounds and a red LED shows in which zone the activated sensor is located.
This is the most affordable way to start custom-build your own expandable alarm system. It includes an integrated siren/chime and pin code. You can easily add remotes and sensors according to your specific needs.

Detector type Contact
Type Magnet
Wireless technology 433 MHz
Colour White
Battery type 2x AAA
Input Voltage 3
Operating Temperature -20 - 50
Sound 90
Package contents
1x window/door alarm
1x installation material

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