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Wireless Alarm Set PSTN - 433 Mhz / 100 dB

This sophisticated and easy to use wireless alarm system is equipped with a built-in telephone dialer to optimally secure your house. In case of an intrusion, the system will trigger an alarm sound, and directly call the programmed numbers. While at home. the alert mode alerts the user when something is happening inside the house. Users can program three different codes to activate and de-activate the system; the main code, a secondary code and a force code to activate the silent alarm. It's easy to check the system and sensors status by calling in and entering a programmable user password. The system enables the user to program 5 different zones, use up to 10 sensors and incorporates a panic button on the control panel and remote control for emergency situations.

Detector type Contact
Type Set
Power plug Euro / Type C (CEE 7/16)
Wireless technology 433 MHz
Battery AA
Telecom type PSTN
Colour White
Detector angle 100
Operating Temperature 0 - 40
Input Voltage 4.5
Sound 100
Batteries included 1x A23/8LR932
Detector range 8
Battery type 4x AAA/LR03
Product datasheet

The system does not work after correct setup

This sytem needs an analogue phone line to work. If your phone is connected to your modem, it might not work properly with this system.

The system does not work if there is no telephone line connected.

Correct, the system needs the telephone line connected for programming and use of the system. What you can do to solve this is to create a 6 Volt power pack. Place it on to the telephone plug to trick the main unit that you are using the dialer. This way the control panel will still have alert and alarm but the dialer will not dial out.

Can I reset the password? (Back to factory default)

Please note that after resetting the password, the sensors have to be reprogrammed. Step 1: Unplug all the power (AC adapter and batteries) from the SEC-ALARM200. Unplug the phone line from the unit. Step 2: Press and hold button 147, then apply power to the unit again. Step 3: After all the LED lights turn on, release the buttons from the unit. Now the MPIN will be back to default 1234.

What is MPIN?

Factory default: 1234

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