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Wireless alarm system

Complete wireless plug-and-play alarm system, containing two wireless door/window sensors, two passive infrared detectors and two vibration sensors to be applied to glass surfaces, to secure property easily and effectively. If one of the sensors detects any motion, either the main unit or the sensor itself sounds an alarm, depending on the preferred settings; a LED indicator shows which device got activated. The system is conveniently armed or disarmed with a remote control. If switched to doorbell sound mode, it acts as an alert system for visitors entering the property.

Detector type Contact
Type Set
Wireless technology 433 MHz
Colour White
Input Voltage 4.5
Batteries included 12x LR44
Sound 100
Battery type 9x AA/LR6
Detector range 8
Operating Temperature 0 - 40
Detector angle 100
Package contents
1x alarm unit (excl. batteries)
2x door/window sensor (incl. batteries)
2x motion sensor
2x vibration sensor (incl. batteries)
2x remote control (incl. batteries)

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