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CCTV Set HDD 500 GB / 700 TVL - 4x Camera

Security camera recording set to enable remote observation and security of premises. If one of the four cameras detects any motion, the system sends out an e-mail notification. Footage can be viewed on a smartphone or on the internet. The security set features the latest H.264 video compression and 960H resolution, and has a user-friendly graphic interface, providing graphic icons and visual indicators to control and configure the DVR.

Type Set
Power plug Euro / Type C (CEE 7/16)
Camera input 4
Camera Design Bullet
Max. resolution WD1
Input voltage 220 - 240
Features Incl 4x Bullet
Storage type HDD 500 GB
Interface BNC
Cable length 18.0
Image Chip 1/4" CMOS
Batteries included 2x AAA/LR03
No. of cameras 4x Camera
Lens 3.60
Accessories HDMI Cable
S/N ratio 48
Battery type 2x AAA/LR03
Horizontal resolution 700 TVL
Operating Temperature 0 - 40
LED 24
Light sensitivity 1.5
Viewing angle 45
Night Vision 10.0
Package contents
• 1x DVR
• 4x camera
• 4x 18-metre connection cable
• 1x remote control (incl. 2x AAA battery)
• 1x USB mouse
• 1x HDMI™ cable
• 1x AC/DC power supply
• 1x EU power cable
• 1x UK power cable
• 1x CD-ROM
• Quick installation guide
Product datasheet

Recordings can't be viewed on Internet Explorer (Local network)

In Internet Explorer (this doesn't work in Chrome, FireFox, safari or other browsers): - Go to: Tools > Internet Options > the tab Security > Custom Level and enable “Download unsigned ActiveX controls” - Click apply/ok Close these windows and type your local IP-address in the address bar of I.E. I.E. will give you a notification. It will ask you to install the plugin > accept Now you will be able to log into the DVR with your username and password.

I can't connect to my DVR from another network (3G/4G/wifi)

Create 2 devices in the mobile app. 1 with the internal IP adress of the DVR (use when connected to same network) 1 with your external IP adress (when on a different network) Make sure the mobile port if forwarded in your router. (Check the manual of your router on how to do this) Check if the port is open by visiting Select the device with the external IP adress when you are on a different network and you should be able to connect to the DVR.

How do I set up the app on my phone?

Create two devices in the app. - 1 device with the internal IP address of your DVR ( (use this when you are connected to the sasme network) - 1 with your external IP address (use this when you are on a different network or 3G/4G) Internal IP address - give it a name like internal DVR - Select IP domain - fill in the internal IP address of the DVR - fill in port 9000 - fill in the correct username and password. External DVR - Give it a name like External DVR - Select IP domain - fill in your external IP address - fill in the mobile port 18004 and make sure this port is forwarded in your router ( to check if it is open) - fill in the correct username and password. The internal IP address of your DVR needs to be within the IP pool of your router. If the IP address of your router is, then use as the DVR's IP address. The last 3 digits need to be higher to make sure it is available. If you have a dynamic IP address (your ISP changes it regularly) then you will need to use a DDNS service.

The König RScam app does not work with iOS 11.

You can use the app RXCamView or Asee+ to access your security DVR.

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