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LNB Single Monoblock 4.3° 1.1 dB

Single monoblock 4.3° LNB to enable a stable and reliable reception of Astra 19.2°E and Astra 23.5°E satellite signals. The monoblock LNB is connected directly to one satellite receiver and has an extremely low noise figure of 1 dB, which guarantees high-quality TV channels.

LNB type Single Monoblock 4.3°
Noise figure 1
Colour Black/White
Material Aluminium / Polypropylene
Connector type F-connector
Cross polarisation isolation 25
Suitable dishes 60-80
Frequency range 10.7-12.75
Feed diameter 40
Package contents
1x Single monoblock 4.3° LNB
1x 40 mm adapter ring

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