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PC Programmable Remote Control 1:1 Universal

The remote control that lasts a lifetime. Dedicated remote control programmable from your PC, which satisfies all users wishing to control their device with an intelligent remote control with all the functions of the original.This remote control is suitable for 4 devices and permits replacement of the original remote controls. It replaces over 100,000 original remote controls for TV, VCR, DVD, DVB-T and has most of the functions of the original remote control. The remote controll is producted with the "new dual system programming". So you can program the remote control with a normal audio cable. You als can use RC-PROG-KIT to program the remote control.

Suitable for Universal
Usage TV
Transmission technology Infrared
Type Programmable
Number of devices 1:1
Code input Programmable
Material Plastic / Rubber
Colour Black
Battery type 2x AAA/LR03
Package contents
• 1x Universal remote control
• Manual
Product datasheet

How do I program this remote?

The RC-PROG-KIT is sold seperately. It contains a USB IR-transmitter and software. Ask your dealer about this kit.

How do I program this remote?

The RC-PROG-KIT is needed to program this remote. This kit is sold seperately. Ask your dealer about this kit.

How do I program the remote with the 3,5mm jack cable?

The current versions of this remote have a 3,5mm jack that allows you to program it with the supplied jack cable and a smartphone, pc or tablet. **If you do not have this plug, use the RC-PROG-KIT to program the remote.** - Plug the cable into your phone/pc/tablet - Plug the other end into the remote - Turn up the volume on your phone/pc/tablet to the maximum. - Visit - Select the correct remote - Select the device you want to program. - Find the correct artivlenumber of your device. - Click/tap "program" - Follow the instructions on the screen.

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