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Preprogrammed Remote Control 1 Philips

Replace a lost or broken Philips remote control with this preprogrammed König TV replacement remote control, which is compatible with every Philips television. Thanks to an extensive built-in code database it features every single function of the original version. The König replacement remote is easy to use since it does not require any programming. Simply insert the batteries and you are good to go.

Suitable for Philips
Usage TV
Transmission technology Infrared
Number of devices 1
Code input Fixed
Colour Black
Battery type 2x AAA/LR03
Package contents
1x remote control
1x manual
Product datasheet

My remote does not respond anymore. How do I reset it?

To reset it, press POWER + 3

My Philips tv is older than 2012, does this remote work for my tv?

Unfortuantely this remote only works with models from 2012 or younger.

Where to buy?

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