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Preprogrammed Remote Control 1:1 Universal

This universal remote control with a large built-in code database is programmable in two steps and can therefore be used almost immediately. You only have to program the codes once, even if you have replaced the batteries. This remote control is easy to use and the perfect solution to replace your broken or lost remote control.

Suitable for Universal
Usage TV
Transmission technology Infrared
Type Universal
Number of devices 1:1
Code input Preprogrammed
Material Plastic / Rubber
Colour Black/Grey
Battery type 2x AA/LR6
Package contents
• 1x Universal remote control
• Manual
Product datasheet

I can't find a working code for my device.

Use the automatic search to find a working code. 1. Switch on the home appliance you wish to control. Place the remote control directly at the home appliance, for example your TV. 2. Press and hold the “TV” button; the indicator light will light up. 3. Press and hold the “Volume+” and “Channel+” buttons at the same time until the indicator light lights up. Then release both buttons (the indicator light will switch off and then on again). 4. Press and hold the “POWER” button until the TV set is switched off. Release the “POWER” button immediately. 5. Check if the other buttons operate correctly. If this is the case, the setting was successful. If the buttons do not function correctly, please repeat steps 2 to 5 until you have found the right code.

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