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Door/Window Alarm 85 dB

Secure doors and windows quick and effectively with this König stand-alone door/window sensor. Simply attach the magnet unit to a door or window and the main unit to the door or window sill with the included tape. If someone enters, contact between the two sensors is broken, which triggers a siren or doorbell (depending on the settings).
Thanks to the integrated siren, this sensor operates completely stand alone. Four different settings provide great versatility. Use the door/window sensor as an entry alarm, a reminder that a door is opened (e.g. when you open a display cabinet to take out and show jewelry to your customer), as a warning signal (with slowly increasing volume), e.g. if you didn’t close the fridge door properly, or as a door chime.

Colour White
Input Voltage 1.5
Sound 85
Batteries included 3x LR44
Operating Temperature -10 - 60

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